who are we

Jugal Bakers is a Company which has been associated with the food processing industry since 1975

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.


Behind the taste

In 1975, a man with a vision set out to build a business by helping busy corner bakeries. Equipped with one brick oven, he began producing rusk and selling them to local bakers, founding what is now Jugal Bakers. That man was Jugal K. Sachedeva.

He started a family business that is still thriving today with the third generation in leadership. How has Jugal Bakers survived the ups and downs of business for over 40 years?

Through product innovation, coupled with the desire and ability to take risks, to bring customers what they need and want. Our company operates with a deep commitment to our customers’ success. From 1975 through 2015, we focused on providing quality rusk, breads, muffins, cakes, cookies and namkeen to a growing number of bakeries, supermarkets and foodservice customers.

Jugal Bakers is a company which has been associated with the food processing industry since 1975. With our nationally certified production facility and unmatched quality standards. The Company has trained the workforce to produce high quality products under close supervision in strict hygiene condition. The Mixing of the high quality ingredients to produce high quality products for the customers. We deliver our products nationwide as the most important market. We feel very strongly about a number of values. Our customers can count on us supplying the best quality with a very high level of reliability. We do what we have promised.

We are also an innovative partner: we not only react quickly to market demands, we also follow regional and national consumer trends closely and are quick to anticipate customer needs. Finally, we place a great deal of importance on sustainability.

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why you should rely on us for your

Bakery need

Product Improvement: Sometimes all a great toast, Burger or a pastry needs a consistent, top quality base. We will tailor make the base for our product.

Price Point: Best Product at the best price: Years of R&D leadership, combined with technological leadership and ingredient innovation, enables us to offer best in class in industry price points without a compromise on product quality.

Formulation: Our formulation are our strength and amongst the top management we have over 40years of food processing experience.

New product Development: Our Forte lies in efficiently and effectively translating out understanding of your requirements and the needs of the target audience into pre-eminent product.

Global Exposure: We have our pulse on changing consumer trends, and can ideate with your team to bring products from a brand’s global portfolio. They can be replicated while adapting them to the Indian palate, laws & consumer preferences.