Yes, we occasionally offer classes and can accept bookings for PRIVATE CLASSES & DECORATING PARTIES – please understand the limited availability of this option and the necessity to change our team’s work schedule to accommodate your group. If we’re not too busy, we’re happy to show you around briefly if you visit.

Yes, we sell to many fine hotels, restaurants, clubs, coffee companies, and stores at either wholesale or discounted pricing. If you hold a Resale License for food and would like more information or pricing, Please submit an online inquiry.

We currently accept CASH, checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover or UPI payments.

All orders require payment in advance.

Cakes are typically priced by number of SERVINGS they feed + the LABOR for the design. The more detail or time required in labor cost, the more it’ll cost.  (Sometimes “simple” isn’t so simple, and “elaborate” is easier than you think, so just ask 🙂

Not long. SUN, Birds, & Bugs love to mess with sweets. The best way to show you how long desserts will last in the sun is to have you put a stick of butter outside on a sunny day. How long does it hold its shape? That’s about your time-allowance. Your desserts will typically be set up BEFORE GUESTS ARRIVE for the party. It’s MUCH SAFER to display cake and desserts in an air conditioned space.

If you must have an outdoor display, please provide SOLID SHADE for the cake so that it does not melt in direct sun/heat.

Yes. While we highly recommend having a professional baker handle your delivery, some orders may be suitable for pickup (by family, friends, or wedding coordinators) at our bakery during specific times.

NOTE: If we do not handle the delivery, you are responsible for the order once it leaves the bakery.


Yummmm, let’s start with our icing = Italian Buttercream…as if that wasn’t enough deliciousness. We sell at a PREMIUM PRICE, based on the following: We use 60% Single-Sourced Cacao chocolates, local & imported pureed fruits, and the best recipes in our arsenal. We create unique desserts & cakes to suite your taste, style, and size. Each cake, filling, and frosting is made with original recipes TO ORDER with local produce, dairy, & local veg-fed chickens’ eggs. {We do not use shortening or artificial flavoring unless requested.}

Yes, we provide delivery.

Need any help!

As well known and we are very busy all days advice you. advice you to call us of before arriving, so we can guarantee your seat advice you to call us