‘Every birthday celebration remains just incomplete without having a delicious and delectable customized cake.’ It is the main focus of all birthdays. Regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult, it is always great to be around a cake.

The presentation of birthday cake matters as much as the taste does. So why go for a simple plain cake when you can get a wide variety of custom cakes from Jugal Bakers.

Your custom cake is one call away, get it delivered right at your doorsteps on the Big Day!

Cakes have emotions associated with them. So, let’s make them more aesthetic by ordering a cake from the following 10 custom cake ideas:


  •  A super-hero cake: Younger children have always idealised the fictional super heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Super Man, Batman, Thor, Spider Man, etc. Either they want them to be a part of their lives or they want themselves to be the same super-hero. So, you can gift your child his favourite super-hero cake to make him feel extra special on his birthday.

Category: Boys (preferred)

  •  A barbie/princess cake: Your little daughter must love to play with her barbies and dream of the Disney princesses. They must be a huge part of her innocent being. So, which one would you want to customize in your princess’s cake? Cinderella, Belle, Snow White or Elsa?

Category: Girls

  • Favourite cartoon/character cake: Is your kid a huge television fan? Does he/she watch cartoon all day long? Then customize your child’s birthday cake with his/her favourite cartoon series or character. Doraemon, Minions, Oggy, Shinchan, they will all make your kid’s day more exciting and happy!

Category: Both boys and girls


  • Favourite TV Series Cake: ‘Nowadays if anything is very close to our heart whose references we make in our real lives are tv series.’ From children to adults, everyone is falling in love with them and spend most part of their time watching these series – F.R.I.E.N.D.S, GOT, Sherlock, etc. They have become a part of our lives and treating anyone with their favourite tv series-customised cake can earn you a really special place in their hearts!

Category: Both genders

  • Favourite musical instrument cake: ‘Music is the medicine to all the problems in life.’ So, gift your loved ones their favourite customized guitar, piano, drums cake and give them the musical gift of life.

Category: Both genders

  • Personalized Favourite Cake: Doesn’t matter if you are a make-up or a tech geek, a food or a game lover, you can present your personal obsession with anything and everything on your birthday cake!

  Category: Both genders


  • Childhood/Favourite Picture Cake: ‘A memory is best captured in a picture.’ A customized picture cake of the birthday girl/boy with their family, friends or even a single one would add the much-needed emotional element to the party. If the person has passed his/her childhood phase, then a picture from their childhood would be more than perfect.

Category: Both genders


  • Number cake: ‘Age is just a number but you can definitely show it off when the number is special.’ And what better to get a 1st, 18th, 50th or 100th number birthday cake! Show off your age to the world with these customized number cakes!

Category: Both boys and girls

  •  Favourite actor cake: Actors and actresses influence a major part of every single person’s life and most of us are so obsessed with our favourite actor/actress that literally everything we own has their picture on it. Our rooms are decorated with their posters and what not. So, why leave them behind on the birthdays too? Customize the cake with the favourite actor/actress’s picture!

Category: Both boys and girls

We hope you liked these ideas. Which one was your favourite? Tell us what you desire and we will make it happen.

Also, have you been treated with any of these? Let us know in the comments section below!

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